Thursday, February 4, 2010

The cheaper sport

Walking is also a simple sport that totally not need money, if it viewed from research googles, walking is more complicated and more many some reason why walking is a most important part of health (except for moving of course), if you observe carefully about it, you can find the different between who people like walking and do not, almost walker get more antibody from diseases and get more strong body, know see who less walking, you can imagine yourself what I mean, this comparation is a simple example for health advantages.

in developed countries have a walking culture become part of everyday life, a solid stream of vehicles resulted in walking distance to the best choice from the use of vehicles
but how walking is healthy? some researchers say that walking barefoot is better than the use of footwear, what the reasons suggested by the number of recorded nerve located in the foot, Most nerve was in the region of the hands and feet, the treatment is called acupoint in china, it is a point where there are many nerves in the feet that connect with the whole body, it is clear that why walking barefoot is better than using footwear, some nerves on the feet will be in direct contact with the ground and there are several points which will be stressed nerves, it helps the circulation of blood in the leg nerve, besides the point that the current neural other cause is the increasing number of body move, as a result of disposal processes in the body will increase, substances that are not good for the body to be removed and be replaced by a fresh substance, besides the point that the current neural other cause is the increasing number of body move, as a result of disposal processes in the body will increase, substances that are not good for the body to be removed and be replaced by fresh substances, breathing will be more smoothly, every muscle will be more formed a strong and healthy body, but depending on your own desires, whether to use footwear or not equal healthy bodies.

a lot of benefits that may be of the walking above description is a small example of the benefits of walking, psychologically and physically there are some of the most experienced among others

1. Good for the heart

In a study conducted by Duke University Medical Center recently found that walking 30 minutes a day can reduce the metabolic syndrome, which is one cause of the high risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. As many as 24 million women in the U.S. suffer from metabolic syndrome. Meanwhile, in a study in England said that by walking for half an hour a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 11%, especially for women.

2. Reduce the risk of breast cancer

The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that walking just a few hours a week can reduce the risk of breast cancer risk. When walking, fat in women is reduced and the source of this study concluded estrogen.Dalam thousand women 74 through post-menopause between the ages of 50-79 years with normal weight, had decreased risk of breast cancer by 30%, and approximately 10 -20% for women who are overweight.

3. Make sleep more soundly

National Sleep Foundation says that walking fast in the afternoon will make sleep more soundly. Experts say that walking will increase the hormone serotonin memebuat you will feel more comfortable. However, avoid walking two hours before bed.

4. Reduce pain or pain

With a regular walk will make your body feel comfortable because of the movement that occurs in the body, including the movement of arms and the main thing is the feet. According to the health instructor Diffely Alice Peters, Walking reduces the risk of injury or cramping and make your body feel good labih.

5. Make happy

Research conducted by the University of Texas concluded that walking for 30 minutes a day can reduce depression and stress. Even the Temple University study mentioned 90-minute walk five times a week can make you feel happier, because the human body produces endorphins, a kind of hormone that makes people happy.

6. Make a slender

Walk for 30 minutes a day can reduce body weight. Bahakan dalan a study at Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh says that women who walk an hour for five days in a mingu and consume 1,500 calories per day, can reduce weight as much as 11.3 kilograms a year.

7. Ageless

Several studies have been conducted to advise the elderly to walk more often because it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease affected. On foot also makes the brain become active.

8. Reduce the porous bone

Walk for 30 minutes three times a week can prevent and reduce bone loss. Walking 95% using body muscles to make bones stronger to withstand the weight.

walk also has another benefit socially and economically, including the following:

1. Save money

For short distances, chosen to walk worthy than a motorbike or a car, this will certainly save money for fuel or the cost of the vehicle. At least, the minimum drinking water is a replacement. Calculated from the price, certainly drinking water is cheaper than gasoline.

2. greet each other with the community

Prestige factor or even show off the vehicle could be the reason behind the reluctance to walk, especially in fairly close distance. And by foot or public socializing with neighbors more likely, at least met with neighbors and each other will admonished bersapa Hospitality tighten
3. Reduce pollution

On foot and not using our vehicles would contribute to reducing pollution to the environment.
4. And other benefits

Of course there are many other benefits of this walk, and according to their respective experiences, we can add it.


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