Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Biggest motivation is to increase salaries.
Greatest misfortune is the promotion without a raise.
Biggest surprise is the usual work but suddenly rising wages.
Greatest talent is pretended to be busy but not doing anything.
The biggest mistake is to argue with the boss.
Lowering the greatest spirit is too late to accept a salary.
Greatest happiness is to be the boss of the boss now.
Greatest cunning is to arrive late but the boss does not know.
Greatest folly is to tell others that we are lazy.
Greatest desire was to fire their own boss.
The biggest annoyance is that you work hard but other people who are praised.
Greatest sadness is not received salaries for the boss to escape.

A little joke may be a bit above can stimulate you to tighten your cheek and your teeth with a broad laugh

What differentiates us with other creatures of God, of course, because we can think and there's one more thing that may not be owned by others that we can smile, simple things that make us better, but sometimes people do not realize and think it is smiling a silly thing to do, it's true with a smile we will look silly and stupid, but I can not argue anymore that is what makes us happy and glad, so who never laughed during this.

With a smile so many benefits we can get both in terms of psychological as well as in terms of health, human beings naturally given by god's grace to be given the ability to laugh.
In the health sciences
laughter is like jogging or running stationary place, because when someone laughs will help the muscles contract in the abdomen (down stomach), shoulders and chest are all able to increase cardiac work. Oxygen is inhaled one will multiply, so the need for gas in the tissues of the body can be met with more than enough. And based on further research at the time we laugh, the brain is stimulated to produce hormones that catecholamines serve to stimulate the production of "beta endorphins" This substance is similar to the effect of opium that can alleviate pain and pain in the body.

After all was certain that many of those who will not laugh easily digestive diseases and ulcers, according to research conducted by experts that found people who laugh a lot have a small risk for a gastrointestinal illness than those who seldom laugh.

From the results of a quick study would be easier sad disease than people who easily laugh with spontaneous, "he explained Although people know the positive benefits of laughter, many people who do not know how to make a healthy laugh, Laughter is healthy should be spontaneous and do not require a stimulus such as jokes or scenes. It is precisely with the stimulus, the reaction will not be able to laugh controlled, known Laughter can reduce stress and even overcome the experienced one, People who used to laugh with more spontaneous may not experience stress, when someone laughs so her body will produce both substances such as melatonin, endorphins and serotonin, which suppresses capisol, adrenaline and free radicals Gradually your body will feel relaxed in the long run and make good sense. Long-term effects, laughing will prevent cancer and make a youthful, with a laugh, relaxes the face muscles to make wrinkles in the skin of the face disappeared and seemed ageless. A regular laugh too will reduce stress and chronic pain, Laughter within 1-5 minutes can stimulate endorphin expenses, serotonin, melatonin. The release of substances that would cause someone's feelings to be peaceful, comfortable and happy, the other laughing Securities, expenditure adrenaline can be reduced, also kartisol and other free radicals Blood pressure and heart rate will decrease after the activity to laugh, most important, laughing can reduce the bad cholesterol in your body, recent research also says, laughing stimulates the body's immune system to make cells of anti-cancer-cells will take cancer cells in the body.

And the gate of a humor is dopamine, a chemical in the brain responsible for triggering the brain to be able to digest the humor. Dopamine is one of the chemicals in the brain into which type of neurotransmitter that functions as a substance that convey messages from one nerve to another nerve. Not only dopamine located in the "one roof neurotransmitter", there is acetyl choline, dopamine itself, serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine which have their respective functions.

While the neurotransmitter can be regarded as "communication tool" neurons, which can be explained neurons is one of the cells forming brain. Where neurons task is to bring the information in the form of electrical pulses known as action potential. And neurons communicate with neurons of the other with a variety of chemicals called neurotransmitters earlier.And neurotransmitters that act as a "communication tool" of the neurons had been sent to the synaptic gap. Synapse itself is a point of convergence between one neuron axons to other neurons.

The nerves are fibers that menghubungakan organs with the central nervous system (brain and sum-sum spine) and between parts of the nervous system with the other.
slightly above explanation will probably be driving us to laugh, but do not get the same laughter made by a madman, a lot of "laughing group" in the world, but you may not have to follow because you basically have the grace to laugh.

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